A limited edition set of 500 signed copies of Kim Kardashian’s upcoming selfie book have flown off the virtual shelf, selling out less than a minute after going on sale. Website Glit.com was offering the special pre-sale copies, just under a month before the book is released to the masses.

Kim KardashianKim’s selfie book contains 352 pages.

The special copies retailed for $60 and were each signed and numbered by Kim. They also came bearing a special cover, featuring a bikini-clad image of the 32 year old. After the quick sell out Kim thanked her fans on Twitter writing, 'Thanks to everyone who got a copy of Selfish on Gilt! Crazy it sold out in one minute!'

Selfish is 352 page collection of selfies taken by the reality star, it features never before seen images mixed in with some of Kim’s favourite snaps from her Instagram account. The most recent picture of Kim included in the book shows the reality star in the days leading up to her wedding to Kanye West on May 24th 2014.

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Inside the book there are also some throwback snaps of Kim from her days as Paris Hilton's personal assistant, over a decade ago. Other stars who feature in pics with Kim include the rest of the Kardashian clan as well as Jennifer Lopez and Ciara.

According to New York Daily News, when you break down the book’s 352 pages you’ll find 115 cleavage shots, 23 butt shots, 10 nude selfies but only one shot of Kim’s baby bump from 2013 when she was pregnant with daughter North West.

But what might surprise readers is Kim’s decision to include her leaked nude photos which hit the internet last September. "I wasn't intending to put these in the book but saw them online during the iCloud hack. I'm not mad at them. Lol They are taken with a Blackberry and I don't have iCloud...It's all a mystery!” Kim told E!

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In the Selfish's dedication Kim explains her selfie-obsession writing, "The pictures in this book bring back so many memories. Spanning almost a decade, they are only a small fraction of the thousands of selfies we considered for publication.”

“From digital cameras, Poloroids to Blackberries and smart phones, these photo documents the evolution of my selfies. And as I printed them out and laid them on the floor to make a final edit, I reflected on my very public journey as a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother, this book is a candid tribute to all of my fans, who were with me the entire time."