A L.A. based street artist was so irritated by being caught up in traffic caused by the paparazzi clamouring to take photographs of the Kardashian sisters that he created 'No Kardashian Parking Any Time' signs. The signs, imitating genuine parking notices, were put up in several streets close to L.A.'s hot spots earlier this week, including next to the Kardashian's clothing store, DASH. The artist in question, Plastic Jesus, has since removed the signs.

Khloe and Kim KardashianKhloe and Kim Kardashian at French Montana's birthday party in Las Vegas in November 2014.

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Plastic Jesus explained his motivation in creating the signs was because the obsession with the Kardashian family often disrupts both Los Angeles and the media at large. Indeed, the street artist argues, that their activities are often viewed as important news when there are other, more pressing matters to report. 

"There is gridlock caused whenever one of the Kardashian family do simple basic things, shopping, eating out or pumping gas," Plastic Jesus told the BBC. "The Kardashians have become a media cultural phenomenon, sadly at the expense of real news."

"Media is circulation-driven, or more recently by hits on websites. Without our unending desire to consume this content this will continue," he added. 

The artist further clarified that his signs were not intended as a criticism of the Kardashian family but with society at large, as both the media and consumers. 

However, the LAPD reportedly views the signs as vandalism and, as the artist pointed out, they would "be removed in the very near future". Instead, Plastic Jesus has removed the signs of his own volition. The artist first drew attention to his signs of Tuesday (7th April) but, only a day later, revealed on Twitter they had been taken down. 

"Yes, sorry the signs were all removed by my crew at 8am this morning. I try not to leave any lasting damage on the streets," the artist wrote. 

"I hope the LAPD see it the same way," he added. 

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