Whoever thought of putting Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian together on a project is a marketing and social media genius. The pair have finally revealed their mysterious collaboration and it’s kind of amazing. So remember when Kim K released a bunch of photos for Love magazine last year? Bleached eyebrows, fur, Prada, mood lighting? It was all very high fashion and mildly confusing, but now the whole alien look makes sense. The photos were for a thirty page spread, for an issue of Love curated by none other than Miss Delevingne herself!

Cara DelevingneKim Kardashian
A Cara and Kim collaboration? I think my brain just melted. 

Are you trembling in anticipation already? The issue hits shelves February 9th and it features another surprise – a sneaky contributing editor’s credit for Cara. Of course, being a model and all, Miss Delevingne features heavily within the issue’s pages, with her contributor’s portrait, shot by by Sølve Sundsbø. Love editor-in-chief Katie Grand - who styled Cara in SS15 Givenchy for the occasion - says, "I couldn’t be happier working with Cara, having her alongside me behind the camera for a change. 

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"Of course, I’ve worked with her many times as a model – ever since we shot her for LOVE in 2009 with Dan Jackson after we were introduced by her godfather, Nicholas Coleridge – so I’ve always known that she’s an exceptionally bright, sharp and hilarious young woman.”  

And yes, it's the same issue that features that Cara and Kendall Jenner photoshoot - you know, the one where Kim's sister is giving Cara the world's most high fashion straddle. Just fyi.