Kim Kardashian's debuts her latest fashion move, sporting a head of significantly shorter but freshly dyed blonde locks as she spends quality time with her husband Kanye West in France during Paris Fashion Week. It's a style that's been dividing opinion this week.

Kim Kardashian debuts blonde hair in Paris
Kim Kardashian sports a new style

Kim may have shocked us in skin-tight pink Latex back in February, but the reality star hasn't stopped there. Her latest daring venture has been to bleach her much envied brunette hair - as well as chop half of it off. It'll definitely take some getting used to but we think the curvy star has proved she can just about pull off anything; perhaps she was inspired by her famous mermaid Halloween costume (which people are still talking about) from 2012, where her blonde curls drew many eyes on her.

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In similar news, Jared Leto has also opted for a hair cut and bleach job for his role as The Joker in forthcoming super-villain movie 'Suicide Squad'; he now looks less 30 Seconds to Mars and more Billy Idol, though we can't say that's a bad thing. And while we're talking men who've changed their hair for cinema, we're glad that Johnny Depp - who wore slicked back blonde highlights for his role in 'Mortdecai' - has decided to revert back to his darker look. Pop bad boy Justin Bieber has also re-entered headlines with a whiter crop, complete with a seemingly brand new whiter than white attitude as he remains apologetic for his erratic behaviour over the past few years. 

Justin Bieber greets fans
Justin Bieber suits his blonder hair

It's a shame that 'Interstellar' star Anne Hathaway didn't stick with her blonde look, after debuting it at the 2013 Met Gala. Her decision to swap her long tresses for a pixie crop during the filming of 'Les Miserables' must've incited a more daring side to the actress, and despite the fact that we'd never seen anything other than her natural hair colour, we rather think it suited her. The same goes for Miley Cyrus, who thankfully seems to have made the change permanent.

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It's unclear whether Kim, who's been known to wear fake bangs rather than get her hair cut, will stick to her blonde style, but she certainly seems happy with it for now.

Anne Hathaway at 2013 Met Gala
Anne Hathaway didn't keep her blonde do