Kanye West has never been shy when expressing his attraction of wife Kim and she has never been shy in flaunting her body. But if recent reports are true, the pair may be changing their attitudes with rumours suggesting Kanye has been telling the mother of his two children he is upset over her size.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestIs Kanye West fat-shaming his wife, Kim?

The Kardashian gave birth to their second child, a son, Saint, six months ago and has well-documented her exercise regime as she aims to shift a few pregnancy pounds.

However, Hollywood Reporter has revealed Kanye doesn’t think she’s doing it quickly enough.

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The publication revealed a source said: "Kim was feeling so self-conscious on the Fourth of July that she did not want to go to any parties.

"She and Kanye have been fighting non-stop. Kanye keeps pressuring Kim to lose weight and he has been telling her that she really needs to get back to her ‘old self’."

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As if to increase the pressure, it has been reported Kanye constantly refers to how hot her body used to look.

The source continued that Kim has now hired a personal chef to help her.

The source said: "Kim’s been working out twice a day, cardio and then a class like Pilates. And she’s doing a very strict Atkins plan, eating about 20 grams of carbs a day.

"She’s really happy with the results."

Of course, whether Kim’s happy or not or whether she feels big or not Kanye needs to be there to support his wife.