The Kardashian family have shot a music video while on holiday.

Kim Kardashian has revealed the brood are going to start making it a ''tradition'' of filming a video during their breaks together after a successful experience in the Dominican Republic.

She wrote on twitter: ''Fun times in the Dominican Republic with the whole family!

''U better believe the whole family shot a new music video while in the Dominican!!! Its our new family tradition! Can't wait to share it soon (sic)''

The 31-year-old socialite also used the holiday to try out a new hairstyle with half-sister Kendall Jenner as the pair got a cornrow design in their tresses.

She tweeted a picture of her hair and wrote the accompanying message: ''Sisters' style... matching cornrows (sic)''

But Kim - who is famed for her curvy and sexy figure - has vowed to start working out again following her break after ordering two bags of fast food from burger chain Wendy's at the airport in the Domincan Republic.

She was joined by brother Rob Kardashian and sister Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick before they flew back today (03.04.12).

The brunette beauty tweeted: ''Workout time!!! Gonna focus on abs today. I've been trying to change my bad eating habits - slow process but its working. I feel so much better! Sugar, dairy & gluten free. HARD!

''I will have sweets every once in a while & dairy but this is a huge step for me! Its a lifestyle change but I'm loving it so far! (sic)''