Kim Kardashian 's marriage to Kris Humphries may have been short, but it looks like television audiences will be able to pore over the "highlights" of it for some time to come after the first episode of 'Kim And Kourtney Take New York' premiered on E! last night (November 27th 2011). It begins from the off with news of Kim and Kris' break-up and going straight into observing the dynamic between the doomed couple that would ultimately drive apart their marriage in just 72 days.
People Magazine reports that Kardashian and Humphries struggle from the off in the episode, with it turning out that they hadn't lived together before being married and, as they hit New York, tensions become evident straight away as the basketball player struggles to get on with the 31 year-old's sister Kourtney - who takes to naked yoga as regular exercise - after moving in with her and husband Scott Disick.
Other schisms became apparent as the episode unveiled including a difference in cleanliness habits, with Humphries not being particularly concerned with keeping things tidy over Kardashian's obsession with it. Most importantly though, there seemed to be a real difference between the pair's perceptions of Kim's career, Humphries uttering his disinterest in organising a 'Welcome To New York' party by saying "You care about that. I don't give a f--." It certainly seemed apparent that they were doomed from the off.