If Beyoncé had wanted to increase publicity surrounding her latest musical offering - visual album Lemonade - she couldn’t have done a better job. Without offering up any interpretation, one line, "Becky with the good hair", has got fans going ga-ga about what it means about Queen B’s marriage to Jay Z.

Kim KardashianKim K loves Lemonade despite the traumas it has put her best friend, Rachel Roy, through

And now Kim Kardashian has waded into the debate by declaring Bey her Woman Crush Wednesday and telling everyone she is "sipping on Lemonade".

This despite the fact fans believe "Becky" could be fashion designer Rachel Roy who is also Kim K’s best friend.

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Kim gave a shout out to Bey on Instagram alongside a still from Lemonade, where the singer wears Kayne West’s Yeezy design.

Kim captioned the picture: "Sipping on some Lemonade this morning... #BeyInYeezy #WCW".

Since the tangled web Beyone’s album has woven, Roy has been forced to deny fans’ suggestions that she had an affair with Jay Z - the former business partner of her ex-husband, Damien Dash.

BeyonceBeyonce's new album, Lemonade, has caused controversy

Equally peaking fans’ attention is the fact that Kim and Kayne invited Roy to their 2011 wedding which, conspicuous by their absence, Bey and Jay did not attend.

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And so the rumours, chatter, speculation and general fixation on Beyoncé’s new album and what it could possibly mean carries on without the star having to come out and say anything herself.

But one thing Beyoncé can now know now for sure is that her husband’s best friend’s wife loves Lemonade, despite its many possible connotations.