Kim and Kanye's relationship has taken a spiritual turn as they have been seen imitating Christ the Redeemer, in front of Christ the Redeemer for photos while holidaying in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil reports New York Daily News.

Sporting a bright pink Juan Carlos Obando dress, which just shows her little baby bump, teamed with tiny Louboutin neon heels, Kim Kardashian seemed to take on the carnival spirit unique to Rio which celebrates in bright colours. She posted a photo of herself earlier in the day on her Instagram account. Kanye kept his style low key in a denim shirt and black pants. Arms outstretched and looking at one another with amusement they seem to be having a great time. 

Some have dubbed the Kardashians the American royal family, and Kanye West seems to like to think of himself as something of a Jesus figure (see his Rolling Stone cover posing as Jesus, plus his song 'Jesus Walks'), but while they pose as the redeemer, it's Kim that needs a spot of redeeming... from her marriage. 

She's still battling Kris Humphries for a swift divorce, their marriage having ended after just 72 days over a year ago. Her baby with Kanye West is due during the summer and she'd like to be maritally single by the time he or she comes along... plus she'd probably like to snap up Kanye in the process. For now though, holidaying together in one of the world's most beautiful countries will have to suffice.

Kim Kardashian out and about in LA

Kim's baby bump is just starting to show.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


Kim and Kanye certainly seem to be happy together