If the reports are to be believed Kim Kardashian could be set to revive her music career, with the new bride said to be enlisting husband Kanye West to help her crack the charts this time around. What music career? we hear you asking. Well, for those who might have forgotten, back in 2011 Kim released her first (and so far only) musical offering, the dance inspired single ‘Jam (Turn It Up)’. The song fared so badly that Kim scrapped plans for an album and quickly went back to her day job, being Kim Kardashian. But Kim isn’t the only star who once decided to try and add pop star to her CV. Can you remember any of these four's not so famous releases?

Kim KardashianCover your ears, Kim Kardashian, could be making more music

Paris Hilton

Socialite and sex tape star Paris tried to prove she really was a multi talented celebrity in 2006 when she released her self titled debut album. Critically the album wasn’t as rubbished as one might have expected it to be, although Hilton’s ‘voice’ did leave a lot to be desired. But after seven years away from the music scene, Paris (who’s now a DJ) released a new single last year featuring Lil Wayne. Never one to give up, we're told we can expect Paris's second album sometime later this year! That's right, move over Lorde, Paris Hilton is making a comeback.

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Naomi Campbell

In the mid 90s, after conquering the international catwalks, supermodel Naomi Campbell decided to turn her attention to some of her other ‘talents’. The result was a critically panned ‘novel’ released in 1994 and an album curiously titled babywoman, no capitals required. The album was poorly received in the UK failing to reach even the top 75 in the album chart. However in Japan it fared much better, selling over 1 million copies. Perhaps the worst thing about babywoman, other than the title and Campbell’s voice is her attempt at covering T.Rex’s ‘Ride a White Swan’, a musical massacre, to put it mildly.

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Lindsay Lohan

It’s easy forget that Lindsay Lohan is actually an actress, but it’s even easier to fail to remember that time when LiLo was also a popstar. In 2004 while Lindsay was riding high off the success of Mean Girls, she released her debut album, Speak. Commercially, Speak performed pretty well peaking at number 4 on the Billboard chart. A year later, Lohan followed up with A Little More Personal (Raw) which featured the single ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)’ co written by Lohan. The album didn't perform as well commercially as its predecessor and Lohan’s appears to have gotten sidetracked from her music career, having failed to release any new material in over a decade.

Heidi MontagRemember Heidi Montag? What about her pop career

Heidi Montag

Not satisfied with starring in 'The Hills' and being the wife of Spencer Pratt, cosmetic surgery enthusiast Heidi Montag embarked on a music career in 2010. Despite working with hit maker Cathy Dennis, Heidi’s debut album Superficial, was a critical and commercial flop. Amazingly, the publicity loving Montag blamed the album’s poor chart performance on 'a lack of promotion' rather than her complete lack of musical talent. Heidi has since gone back to appear on reality shows with husband Spencer and has hopefully abandoned any future pop plans.