Crazy stories about Kim Kardashian are kind of standard now, but this one is actually awkward. The Kardashian-Jenner clan apparently took the family theme one step too far and kissed “back in the day.”

That’s not even the weirdest part though. The revelation came about when Brody Jenner was trying to direct some of the heat away from himself, during the latest episode of Keeping Up. When Brody walked in on Kim K staging a sexy photoshoot for Kanye, as you do, he got accused of having some not entirely appropriate feelings for his stepsis.

Kim Kardashian
We know the Kardashians like to keep it in the family, but this is taking it too far.

"I feel like Brody is crushing on Kim," Kris Jenner teased. "I think you've had a crush since you were 7 years old." Kris married Brody's dad, Bruce Jenner, in 1991.

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Did it just get really awkward in here? Brody apparently thought so, so he apparently jumped to the nearest diversion, which happened to be his brother Brandon: "That was him and Kim!" Brody shot back, pointing at Brandon, 33. "You're forgetting that. They kissed back in the day."

Visibly flustered, Brandon was quick to deny the incident, but Brody didn’t give up: "It's on you now! And he knows it's true."

While Brandon gave no further confirmation or details on the alleged Clueless-esque moment, he quickly changed the subject in an attempt to deflect the attack. So did they or didn’t they? While this sounds like exactly the kind of throwaway comment the show uses to boost ratings, this is still one bizarre family dynamic.

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Brody Jenner, Brandon Jenner
Brody Jenner [l] and Brandon Jenner [l] - both allegedly had their sights on Kim at one point.