Kim Kardashian is used to being the centre of attention and her fans haven’t stopped talking about her second pregnancy. However, some have been prying a little too deeply into the conception of Kardashian’s baby and some have even accused her of deliberately only using male embryos during her IVF treatment. Kardashian has set the record straight, claiming she had struggled so much to conceive that had the baby been a girl, she would have been a welcome addition to the Kardashian Klan.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye WestKim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their second child together - a son!

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Kardashian looked to the media as a source of the claims surrounding her IVF treatment whilst attending an event on the Daily Mail’s yacht at the Cannes Lions Festival, as Perez Hilton reports.

"It [the story]came from a tabloid,” Kardashian said. “I'm grateful just to be pregnant, and we would be happy with a boy or a girl."

This is not the first time Kardashian has addressed her fans on rumours about her pregnancy. Shortly after Kardashian and West announced their happy new, sources claimed the couple were expecting a boy. Kardashian took to Twitter and claimed that they had not revealed the gender of their baby to anyone. As it transpired, the baby was indeed a boy. Kardashian announced the news on Instagram on Father’s Day last Sunday (21st June). The 34-year-old reality star added a picture of Kanye reading to their first child North whilst Kanye was on tour.

‘Precious moments like this when we were traveling [sic] on tour with you are what I live for,’ Kardashian wrote in the caption. ‘You're such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!’

Kardashian, at the same Cannes event, also revealed she and West are not ruling out trying for a third child. 

"I might try for another one, if God willing, that works out for me. Never say never!” Kardashian told reporters at the star studded event.

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