So we now know what Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been building up to this season – Kim’s second pregnancy. The world found out during the Sunday episode of Keeping Up and the interwebs are already buzzing with excitement. The only thing left to find out is... well, there are lots of things, actually. Among them are the baby’s sex and, of course, Kim and Kanye’s selection of possible baby names.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian and daughter North West dress like rockstars, even when going to ballet class.

This being a Kardashian pregnancy, the internet is already pitching in with some helpful suggestions. The news immediately started trending on Twitter – worldwide – and Kim K’s name is still among the trending topics. So here are some of the more... creative baby names Twitter has come up with at press time.

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South West was a bit of an obvious one, but hey, the low-hanging fruit is the first to go. The idea was so popular, it even out-trended Kim Kardashian’s name at one point.

Still, some netizens tried to think outside the box.

Some were even offering full lists of names, presumably sorted according to hilarity.

And then there was this girl:


Ah, the internet. Never a dull moment.