Kim Kardashian is reportedly having "major problems" with her husband Kris Humphries, just two months after the pair married in a lavish $10 million wedding in California, reports US Weekly Magazine.
The 31-year-old reality star and businesswoman is attempting to juggle her television shows and money making ventures, while Humphries remains unemployed because of the current NBA lockout. A source close to the couple revealed, "Kris is not drinking the Kardashian Kool-Aid, and it's causing major problems". The problems culminated in a huge fight days before Kim's birthday on 21st October 2011, with an insider saying, "They had it out...She told him he needs to do something productive...He needs to get off his ass, like, yesterday". Speculation of a rift intensified on Monday when the pair were spotted in the Dancing With The Stars audience showing little affection towards each another. They married after just nine month of dating, with the source adding, "On some levels.she feels like she made a mistake".
Kim's brother Rob Kardashian continues to post strong scores on Dancing With The Stars, and looks likely to reach the finals of the reality show. His closest rival appears to be former Army veteran turned soap star J.R. MARTINEZ.