The reality TV star, who is pregnant with her second child, recently signed up as a brand ambassador for DIClegis and declared her support for the pills in a series of social media posts.

However, FDA chiefs accused Kardashian and the firm behind the drug, Duchesnay, of misleading potential customers by failing to include safety warnings in the posts, so the star has now corrected her error in a message uploaded to

In the post, Kardashian shares all the information she previously failed to include, adding, "I guess you saw the attention my last morning sickness post received. The FDA has told Duchesnay, Inc., that my last post about DIClegis (doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine HCl) was incomplete because it did not include any risk information or important limitations of use for DIClegis. A link to this information accompanied the post, but this didn't meet FDA requirements. So, I'm re-posting and sharing this important information about DIClegis."