On Friday's (2 August) episode of Kris, Kris Jenner's daytime chat show, there was a very special surprise for Jenner and the audience watching at home because Kim Kardashian made a very special appearance on the show to discuss her new life as a mother and tell her own mother how much she digs the show. Sean 'P Diddy' Combs was Kris' special gust on Friday's episode, and he brought with him a great little treat indeed; a pre-recorded video message from Kim.

Kim Kardashian LAX
Kim has been in self-imposed exile since giving birth

Kim appeared by herself in the video, with no Kanye or North by her side, making her first appearance in front of a camera in seven whole weeks. That's right, we've had SEVEN WHOLE WEEKS without one selfie or paparazzi shot of the tabloid's most favoured darling. We're not quite sure how to deal with that information... Anyway, in her video appearance Kim told her mother how much she loves the show, saying; "Hi mom, I just want to say congratulations on your new show. I'm sorry I couldn't be there in person, but I'm just loving life a little bit too much at home right now."

The reality star, who was only filmed from the shoulders up so we didn't get to see her post-baby figure, continued with her gushing sentiments towards her mother, adding; "But I watch you every single day, you're so amazing, you really are born to do this. I just wanted to say I love you and have an amazing show."

Her remarks drew 'tears' from Kris, who was able to confide in the overly-flirty Diddy (we won't go any further into that, it was all a bit weird). Whilst it didn't give us much information on her life as a new parent, it is good to see Kim on camera again and she looks like she's getting on with her post-pregnancy life just dandily. Lets hope we don't have to wait too long until we see her on camera again.

Kim Kardashian
Hard to believe that we don't have any photos of Kim from the past seven weeks