What has Kim Kardashian done to her face? That's the question on fans' lips today as Kourtney Kardashian unveils a selfie that shows her sister looking a little unusual following the birth of her son Saint West. She does, however, look impressively slender considering it's been less than two months since her pregnancy.

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian still shocks us with her new looks

That's what the picture was all about really; the girls looking super glam in matching full length bodysuits showing off figures most women can only dream of, let alone achieve so soon after giving birth. But fans were less interested in the Kardashian curves than Kim's face for once, because there are some startling changes.

It's alleged that her eyes are looking a little smaller, as if the skin surrounding them has gotten slightly puffy, her lips are looking extra plump and, as for her nose, it looks a completely different shape as if the tip has been turned up somewhat revealing more nostril. Many commenters on the picture are utterly convinced that she has had fillers and even a nose job, though much of the subtle differences can be explained away pretty easily.

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For example, it could all be down to lighting as they do seem to be in an unusually lit room. Even more likely is that Kim is using different make-up or even pulling an unusual pose that could give the illusion of altered facial features; her head is actually tipped back just an inch or so. Of course, the 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star may well look different despite all these factors. She has just given birth to her second child which may have left her a little tired and even interrupted her usual routine. Plus, she's been hard at working getting her old figure back, which means she's probably been on a diet and food can often affect our features; bloating our cheeks, acidic or spicy foods can swell our lips and intolerances can have similar effects.

Surgery or no surgery, we can't help but respect her for getting her figure back, and for just slaying Instagram constantly. You can see the pic on Kourtney's page.