Kim Kardashian might be trying to go all Angelina Jolie on us. Which is fine and probably would help the Thai child she allegedly wanted to adopt, except the whole thing was nothing more than a bit of filler on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. On the show, the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan is still vacationing in Thailand.

Kim KardashianThe adoption fell through in the early stages, but the Kardashians weren't discouraged.

When they go to visit a local orphanage, everyone starts having feels at the plight of the children. Brandon and Leah Jenner sing a song for the kids in a moment that’s meant to be touching, probably, but it’s Kim who feels the deepest personal connection to a girl named Pink.

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So after their visit, while everyone is busy enjoying all the leisure activities that Thailand has to offer (Khloe takes kickboxing lessons! Brandon and Leah go sailing!) Kim has Deep Thoughts racing through her mind. So she goes and asks the resort manager how she can go about adopting Pink. Spoiler alert: she can’t. 

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The manager offers the Kardashians to help the orphanage with some donations instead – the orphanage has renovation plans and rich Americans are welcome to help. Kim and Kris Jenner jump at the chance and Kim visits the orphanage once more, to give Pink a special gift.

“I’ll always remember her,” the Kardashian sister sighs in her confessional segment, as we see the rest of the family already moving on to more entertaining things.