Kim Kardashian West "learned a lot" collaborating with Kim Jones.

The SKIMS founder has just launched the Fendi x SKIMS collection, and has recalled how "fun" it was working with the Italian luxury fashion house's Artistic Director of womenswear - who took over the role from the late Karl Lagerfeld.

She gushed: "I love, love, love Kim Jones.

"He is the ultimate – the sweetest human being on the planet."

The pair had to meet in Mexico for the first fitting session amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was the only place they could be together due to travel restrictions, but before then, Kim invited the fashion designer over to her home to rummage through her own Fendi pieces.

And they finished up in Rome, where Fendi HQ is.

She shared: "I remember him coming over to my house, and we were looking through all my old Fendi bags and clothes, and we had so much fun.

"It was so crazy – it was during the pandemic when the whole team couldn’t get in from Italy, but we had this fitting and we had to do it.

"So we met up in Mexico, as that was the only country we could get together and be in the same place.

"So we had a day in Mexico to do the first fitting, and then eventually a day in Rome for the final fitting."

The 41-year-old reality star admitted she was blown away by how "magical" the process was.

She added to i-D magazine: "It was just so amazing to see how the team worked and how this all comes together.

"It was just so magical. It’s so fun to work with people that you love, respect, and admire, and are friends with. It makes it so much fun and so great. It just was such a fun experience. I learned a lot."

The line reportedly made $1 million within 60 seconds of going live.

Among the sell-out items was the brown leather gown the brunette beauty wore and suffered a "little fashion emergency" in at the WSJ Innovator Awards, which is the most expensive item costing $4,200.