Kim Kardashian managed to spend Valentine's Day with her fiancé Kanye West despite his work commitments. The couple spent Friday (14th February) together in Baltimore where West was performing on his Yeezus Tour. West has been on the road since October on his most recent tour but has still made the time to see his fiancé and their daughter, North West.

Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in October 2013. Kim and Kourtney took to Instagram and Twitter to discuss their Valentine's plans.

Kardashian shared her evening with fans, uploading a number of pictures on Instagram. The 33-year-old posted two photographs, one showing the couple chatting on a golf cart, evidently backstage, and the other of West performing. She added, to the performance photograph, a comment saying "My date with Yeezus tonight."

Earlier on that day, Kardashian had also taken to Twitter to wish her followers a Happy Valentine's Day and write about her trip to Baltimore. She wrote "Nothing better than being with my love on Valentine's Day! Happy Vday dolls!" She also kept up with the love theme by writing about her Valentine's Day essentials, on the matter of clothing she wrote "my philosophy is to wear what will make you look and feel your best."

Kim was not the only Kardashian expressing her affection on social media. Her sister Kourtney, and her partner Scott Disick, tweeted each other. Kourtney asked who was planning on falling in "line" with her. "Line" is a reference to the image generator Kourtney used. Disick replied with "The LORD thinks falling in LOVE is for old folks," but reassuring his partner he is "failing in line with you."