A war of words has been waging on social media between those who believe Kim Kardashian is the height of fashion and sophistication and those who feel her name should not be mentioned in the same sentence as such words. Since she appeared on the cover of US Vogue with fiancé Kanye West, a number of couples have stepped forward to show they can out do the loved up couple. These aren't just any couples either: Miss Piggy and Kermit as well as James Franco and Seth Rogen have made their own photographic contribution to the Kimye Vogue debate.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian wangled the cover of US Vogue, realised on Friday (21st March).

Miss Piggy is a style icon. No one can possibly deny this: she can sing (sort of); dance (most definitely); has worked for Vogue (as a Plus Size Editor); and has graced our screens since 1974. She's one of the greatest stars of all time, yet she was still pipped to the cover of Vogue by none other than the reigning Queen of popular culture, Kim Kardashian. We can weep at the cruel injustice - everyone knows Miss Piggy and her beau are considerably more Vogue friendly than Kardashian and Kanye but alas it was not meant to be.

So, until Anna Wintour realises which celebrity couple the public really want to see we're stuck with this:

Sorry - this:

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Nevertheless, Miss Piggy is not the sort of pig to be outdone by anyone and she made sure nobody forgot about her yesterday (21st March). The Muppets released a special photograph on their Instagram account of Miss Piggy and Kermit which rivals - and mimics - the Kimye cover. This writer thinks it's considerably more Vogue friendly and a whole host of Vogue readers would probably agree. Kimye's cover may have made them the most talked about couple in the US but Vogue subscriptions may have declined sharply as complaints, as compiled by The Daily Mail, have poured in from magazine readers including actress Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

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Whether you love or hate Kimye, you've got to admit Kermiggy may have outdone their fellow celebrity couple: