Last week Tom Cruise's home was swarmed by police after someone had called the emergency services about an intruder, this weekend celebs can't get away from hoaxes as the Kardashians had a 15-strong swat team come to their home and shut down the whole street after a prank caller told the emergency services told them that someone had been shot and they were still in the house, hiding in a closet, TMZ reports.

Luckily, after a good search, no intruder was found and police concluded that it had simply been an elaborate hoax. However, the enormity of the response from services will have cost the tax payer thousands of dollars, a fact, which perhaps the hoaxer neglected to think about. 

Shockingly however, "the 911 caller gave an address near the Kardashian house, but cops believe the target was the Kardashian home and they went to Kris' door and told her they got a call someone was hiding in her closet." But... what happens if the original address given really did have an intruder hiding in a closet inside? 

And, if you're a Kardashian, what's the first thing you do in an emergency? Tweet about it.