Fashion’s biggest annual event took place last night. The Met Gala 2014 is probably the glitziest event of the year, Oscars included, and gives the celebs the chance to really go to town with their attire. Last night’s do was no different, with the world’s top fashion houses grabbing the opportunity to deck out a celeb in their latest designs. 
So, who wore what?

The Good

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Met Gala 

To be fair to Kim, at last year’s Met Ball she was heavily pregnant. It can be hard to dress a bump the size of Everest so we’ll (at least try to) forgive the flowery monstrosity (with matching gloves and shoes…slightly harder to forgive) that she showed up in last year. Fortunately, this year she got it spot on, dressed in midnight blue Lanvin with a black silk waist belt.

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Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse Met GalaSuki looked stunning in custom made Burberry

Burberry jumped at the opportunity to dress their hot new model in a head-to-toe custom made design. Suki looked positively dreamlike in her nude lace layered skirt, which she styled just right with a splash of red lipstick and a pair of diamond earrings.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Met Gala 

Marriage must suit Blake, because she’s never looked better. Her figure looked extraordinary in a custom made Gucci Premiere gown, set off by the 1950 screen siren waves in her blonde hair and a statement ring.

The Bad

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Met GalaKristen's Chanel look had just too much going on

Kristen looks undeniably striking in her new Chanel campaign, sadly the look just doesn’t translate off the set. Looking sort of like a glittery hen in head-to-toe Chanel, this look is just too all over the place for our taste.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Met GalaKatie's yellow Marchesa is a bit too dated, in our opinion

Katie’s Marchesa gown just screams oversized grandma’s curtains to us. The colour is garish while the detailing looks like she’s had a nosebleed. Something about coloured taffeta looking material is just too 1980's prom dress.  On the flip side, her hair and makeup looks beautiful.

Best and Worst...Simultaneously

Amber Heard Met GalaAmber Heard looked gorgeous, but Johnny looked too try hard

They may be all loved up, but that doesn’t mean that they’re in sync. Amber Heard looked divine in her Giambattista Valli gown, but Johnny just looked like he was trying too hard. Depp doesn’t seem as effortlessly cool as he once was, perhaps if he stopped trying to be quirky he’d actually be quirky again.

We’re Not Quite Sure

Kirsten Dunst Met GalaKirsten's Star Wars themed dress was great fun, but was it right for the Met Ball?

On the catwalk we loved Rodarte’s Star Wars themed dresses, but in practice we just can’t make our minds up. Good on Kirsten Dunst for giving such a brave dress a go though!

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