Nicola Formichetti may not be a household name for the majority, but for celebs who want a stylist he's one of the only names worth knowing. Recently, in a "dream come true" shoot for Kim Kardashian, the young socialite got to work with Formichetti while working with Elle. However, as he explains in a video for the site, not everything went quite to plan while trying to style her.

"People wouldn't lend me the clothes... But that's fashion snobbery," he explains. Whosoever those people are will be kicking themselves after seeing how Formichetti has transformed the star who is famed for her hourglass figure. Normally known for super-sexy photos by dressing her as what could have been a 60s icon, she's transformed into a woman bridging the gap between sexy and sophisticated. Curves taken advantage of while her breasts - often a focus point - are toned down, the ideal style for a woman's mag.

Pregnant Kim also spoke about her independence, clearly trying to alter the view of her as being simply one of the Kardashians or something of a diva. "I travel alone," she said. "I don't have an entourage and I'm sick of my family right now and they're my only entourage!' Adding,  "I like to vibe out by ourselves and sometimes when you have lots of other people there, it gets in the way."

And working with Formichetti was an incredible experience for her, as she explains to him on camera: "I love being transformed and I love your vision of who you think I am - that's always so inspiring for me and so interesting seeing someone's take on me... When I work with someone I really respect, I work with trust,' she says. "Even if I'm not comfortable in something, I trust your vision to push me a little bit."

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