It's the first ever Red Nose Day in the United States today (May 21st 2015), and all manner of celebrities are donning the appropriate big red nose to raise awareness. It's one of the UK's most famous charity fundraisers - undertaken mainly for Comic Relief - but this year goes international for a host of charitable foundations.

David Duchovny, 5 Seconds Of Summer, John Legend, Sam Smith and Padma Lakshmi on Red Nose DayDavid Duchovny, 5 Seconds of Summer, John Legend, Sam Smith and Padma Lakshmi on Red Nose Day

Annoyingly, curvy reality star Kim Kardashian is now so good at posing in front of a camera that she even manages to maintain that seductive aura even while holding a novelty clown nose to her face, but many other celebrities provided some well needed laughs on this momentous occasion. 

Chris Pratt and Kim Kardashian on Red Nose DayKim Kardashian even looks stunning with a big red nose

Also bearing scarlet snouts were the cast of 'Orange Is The New Black', 'Lay Me Down' collaborators Sam Smith and John Legend, Sydney boyband 5 Seconds of Summer, 'How I Met Your Mother' star Neil Patrick Harris and many more.

Zendaya, Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick on Red Nose DayAnna Kendrick dons full Indianna Jones gear

Plus, Red Nose Day co-hosts Seth Meyers and David Duchovny also joined in the comedic frivolry ahead of the show's broadcast on NBC tonight. The show will feature some great entertainment, including the not to be missed 'Game Of Thrones: The Musical', Indianna Jones with Anna Kendrick and Heidi Klum's True Beauty broadcast.

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Seth Meyers, January Jones and others on Red Nose DayMore celebrities join in the fundraising

The US is the latest country to host the annual Red Nose Day event, which has already hit various other countries around the world such as Australia and New Zealand, and will this year support no less than 12 different charities all aiming to better the lives of children and young adults living in poverty. Among them are Children's Health Fund, The Global Fund, LIFT and Save The Children.

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Orange Is The New Black cast on Red Nose DayThese prison women rock the red hooter!