It's that time of year again, where everyone who's failed to keep their New Year's resolution tries to redeem themselves by giving something up for Lent. We're not sure how many stars are going to get into the spirit of things for the next 40 days, but we've come up with a few people who should seriously consider it.

Ash Wednesday, for those who don't know, is the beginning of a period of around 6 weeks called Lent; a Christian tradition in the run up to Easter, whereby people often decide to give up something they love for that period - usually chocolate, alcohol, smoking, that sort of thing. But who ought to jump on the self-denial bandwagon this year?

1. Miley Cyrus - This songstress should seriously think about giving up weed. Drugs aren't good in any form, especially when they make you do gross things like Instagram a joint getting ash all over a perfectly good pizza crust. Eww, really?

Pizza crust joint holder on a planet plate

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2. Lady Gaga - What does Lady Gaga's real hair look like?! Seriously, she always seems to have a completely different wig whenever we see her, be it a retro bob, a long lion-like mane or choppy bangs. This star needs to start flaunting her natural tresses more often, whatever they may be.

3. Kristen Stewart - This one might seem a little prudish, but we reckon Stewart ought to try extending her vocabularly into something beyond curse words. Swearing is often good for the soul, but not in every sentence.

4. Kanye West - After the whole Wiz Khalifa fiasco we think it's about time West gave up beef. Even though the two made up, he's recently been Tweeting his contempt of the Nike, Inc. CEO and caused much anger among his fans in a post that seemingly supported Bill Cosby.

5. Ellie Goulding - After learning that she and her band mates once ended up on drips due to lack of substantial meals while touring, maybe it would be a good idea for Goulding to give up work for a few weeks. She has been working non-stop recently and while it has affected her health, it's also affected her romance with Dougie Poynter too.

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6. Kylie Jenner - At just 18-years-old, she's way too young to be having cosmetic enhancements. Sure, since having her strongly denied but later admitted lip injections, she's looked really great and set a real trend among young women everywhere. But it must be a lot of work to keep it up, and she shouldn't be worrying about that so young.

7. Kim Kardashian - Meanwhile, Kanye's wife has got an addiction of her own that she needs to lay off of for a while. She recently made an absolute fortune with the sell-out publication of her selfie book 'Selfish', but maybe it's time to turn the camera on to something else for a few weeks.

Selfies about to be LIT! ??Today on my app I talk about the perfect selfie lighting! The secret to my selfies

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8. Heidi Montag - She's not even 30 yet and this former 'The Hills' star has had more surgery than most in a lifetime. She famously had 10 surgical procedures in one day and lost a lot of her millions to cosmetic enhancement. If she hasn't learnt her lesson by now, she ought to soon.

9. Ed Sheeran - He went from being an adorable, bare-armed beauty to having full sleeves inked on his arms and a huge lion head across his chest which seriously divided opinion. He seems to be getting seriously addicted now, so maybe it's time to give up the needle for a bit?

10. Adele - Everyone knows it's the most flattering colour to wear and, for a curvy girl like Adele, it's even better - but she's got to get out of those black dresses. We think she should spend the start of the spring making her wardrobe match her vibrant personality.