We all love a little sing-song on our way home from the pub or a night out, and Kim Wilde proved that the rich and famous are no different to to us average Joes when it comes to this when she stunned commuters with a rendition of 'Kids In America' on the tube home from a Christmas do.

A very inebriated Kim, with the help of her brother Ricky on guitar and backing vocals, broke into a version of her 1981 hit to injected some Christmas (or maybe just 80's) cheer into the journey of the London commuters whilst on her way home from the Magic FM Christmas Party, with the antics being filmed by one of the passengers onboard. According to one passenger on the busy carriage, Kim told the fans that, as it's Christmas, she will perform a Christmas song for them, before starting off a rendition of 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.'

She went on to say, after her first performance of the night was over, "I know we are all sitting on a crowded train here, ignoring each other like me normally do. We're just looking down into our phone and stuff, but hey - it's a Christmas thing!" If it wasn't her rousing speech that did it then the prospect of being able to sing a bona-fied classic with the original singer proved too much for some people as the usually dour carriages of the underground actually had some smiley, moving people on board - and if that's not a Christmas miracle, then I don't know what is.

The video is viral and currently proving to be a Youtube smash. You can view it here.