Kim Wilde stunned commuters on a London tube train this week with an inebriated rendition of her hit song 'Kids in America'. Wearing a pair of glittery reindeer ears, Wilde launched into her 1981 track with brother Ricky on guitar and backing vocals.

According to The Guardian, the singer was on her way home from the Magic FM Christmas Party and was filmed by one of the passengers on the busy carriage. "Everyone, it's Christmas time, and I'm going to sing you a Christmas song," she said, before starting a rendition of 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree'. Many passengers kept their eyes firmly fixed on the middle distance, though Wilde continued, "I know we are all sitting on a crowded train here, ignoring each other like me normally do. We're just looking down into our phone and stuff, but hey - it's a Christmas thing!" However, Kids in America proved irresistible to some passengers who at least managed to crack a smile.

Though she was the star of the show, Wilde was seemingly paying for her drunken antics the following morning, tweeting, "Just coming round after @Magic/Kiss party, assisted by a bacon and egg sarnie ;)" By Friday afternoon, Wilde was trending on Twitter and told followers, "Truly, I am overwhelmed and confused at such a huge reaction to my night out on the tiles. Making me giggle a LOT: )"