It’s been a long while since Kim Wilde’s been in the headlines and – whilst it probably wasn’t quite the career revival she may have been planning, she found herself at the centre of attention again, after a video of her drunken tube performance of ‘Kids In America’ went viral after it was posted on YouTube.

Looking a little worse for wear, this probably wasn’t the most – ahem – ‘musically accurate’ rendition of the song that Kim has ever performed but she and her brother Ricky Wilde still gave the late night London travellers something to enjoy as they ran through a seemingly endless version of the song. It’s a good job that Kim was travelling a few stops on the tube, because she simply did not seem to want to let go of that song, dragging it out for a few extra bars even after Ricky had stopped.

Then came an extra little treat, as Kim rescued her reindeer antlers from her head and decided to break into the Christmas song that she released with Mel Smith for Comic Relief back in 1987. As she sauntered up the train carriage, at least one other person joined in, singing the song, though it appeared that the majority of the passengers either didn’t know who she was or simply didn’t care. We’d like to congratulate Kim and Ricky for bringing a little festive cheer to the London Underground. We’d also like to congratulate Kim for overcoming her inebriation to remember most of the words to the songs. And Ricky deserves props for managing to stay upright on the moving tube train, whilst he played his guitar! 

Watch the video of Kim on the tube...