Kimberley Walsh hopes to bond with Nadine Coyle over babies.

The former Girls Aloud singer, who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Scott, admits she and band mate Nadine have 'drifted' apart, but hopes to see her in the future after she gave birth to a baby girl on February 10 with fiancé Jason Bell.

Kimberley told Britain's OK! magazine: ''The reason the relationship with Nadine's never been as strong over the last five years is because she moved so we didn't do as much social stuff together, so you kind of drift apart. But one thing in life that brings people together is babies so I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about when we do see each other next, we'll have a lot more in common.''

The 32-year-old star, who has been dating Justin, 31, for ten years, is still close to former band mates Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts and still speaks to Sarah Harding.

Kimberley said: ''Cheryl's already offered to babysit! She's told me that she's going to get a Moses basket at hers so that she can have the baby for the night if I'm struggling. It's a brilliant idea, I love the plan, but I told her that I don't know whether she'll be saying that once the baby's here! It's really sweet and she definitely means it.''

The brunette beauty admit she was less than impressed when Sarah revealed in an interview she thinks Kimberley will be a bossy mum.

Asked what she thought about her comment, she replied: ''The cheek of it! It's probably because I boss her around, but she needs it, that's the problem!

''I kept things moving along in the band, so she probably does see me a bit like that but that's completely different. I'm a total walkover with my nephews.''