Kimberly Wyatt insists England ''feels like home'' more than anywhere else.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer wants to bring her eight-month-old daughter Willow - who she has husband Max Rogers - up in the UK, though she will take her on frequent visits to her native US.

She said: ''I want Willow to know bits about America and we'll do summer holidays in the States, but this feels like home more than anywhere else around the world.''

The 33-year-old star admits she was nervous about taking Willow on her first flight to the US so was relieved when everything went smoothly.

She said: ''It was nerve-wracking because I've always been the one on the flight that sees the baby come on and thinks, oh God, here we go! It's a huge change of perspective.

''But Willow was amazing and all the flight attendants all said, 'Awwww!' She slept most of the time.''

And though she adores living in the UK, Kimberly is still getting to grips with ''table manners''.

She explained to UK OK! magazine: ''We don't have table manners in America. How you guys hold a knife and fork is quite proper and I'm doing my best to be good at it.

''My first time at MAx's parents' house, I was cutting nervously and a piece of meat went flying off my plate. I'm much better now.''