Kimberly Wyatt has to ''work'' at her marriage.

The former Pussycat Doll and her model beau Max Rogers tied the knot in February after two years of dating, but the blonde beauty admits their globe-trotting careers can sometimes put a strain on their relationship.

She told the Irish Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It can be difficult - Max is a high-fashion model so today he is on his way back from New York and next week he's off to Spain on another job. He travels all over the world so we have to have a good understanding and we respect each other's careers. We have to work at it.''

However, the 32-year-old singer believes getting hitched has made her feel more relaxed and has brought her and Max closer together as a couple.

She explained: ''I guess it does change things in a way, it just feels really comfortable and I feel quite content.

''It's an amazing new step in life and I have the best partner ever. I'm just happy really.''

Kimberly believes it helps if you're dating someone who understands your work, but she insists it's always easier to be the one leaving for work than being left at home.

She added: ''It definitely helps [if they understand your job] but I will say it is harder to be left than to leave.''