Kimberly Wyatt felt pressured into staying slim.

The former Pussycat Doll has admitted that the group's management forced the girls into staying in shape by threatening to drop them from the group if they put on weight.

She told Health and Fitness magazine: ''There was a lot of pressure from the management label to stay in shape. I knew we were replaceable, so the pressure of wanting to stay in the group kept me in the gym.''

Since the group went their separate ways in 2010, Kimberley - who now appears as a judge on the Sky 1 dance show 'Got To Dance' - has kept up her strict fitness regime.

The 32-year-old singer hits the gym three to five times a week, as well as attending three gruelling hot yoga sessions at an hour and a half each.

She explained: ''Exercise absolutely has to work with my life and be something I can live with.

''It's a priority because it's a source of stress relief and fuels my determination. It's all about keeping my workouts mixed and having something to look forward to.''