Kimberly Wyatt says it's important for her to be a role model to her young fans.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer speaks to her admirers via her website Beautiful Movements - on which she posts poetry, motivational quotes and blogs - and she shares experiences with them to try and help them in their lives.

Kimberly was the victim of sexual abuse when she was a youngster and survived a rape attempt and she believes these tough life experiences mean she can relate to many problems.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I experienced abuse, and different things as well. I've been through some bulls**t in my life.

''The emails and messages I would get from girls that had been through really rough times through childhood and what-not, I can relate to that.

''I'm just creating this lifestyle that hopefully people will be inspired by. Not to follow in my footsteps, not to say I know everything, but hopefully to inspire them to do whatever they want to do in their lives, or whatever change they want to make.''

Kimberly's latest project is 'Revolution' - a live dance show in London's West End - which gives 20 young dancers the opportunity to showcase their talents in a competitive industry where they otherwise might not have the chance. The 'Candy' singer - who is joined in the production by Adam Garcia, who is a judge with her on TV show 'Got To Dance' - said: ''I feel so fortunate to have this West End show and be able to use my celebrity to give the background dancers of the commercial world an opportunity to be artists their selves and show just how talented they are.

''They're not just background pieces. They have things worth seeing.''

'Revolution' opens on May 6 and runs every Sunday for six weeks at The Theatre Royal, Haymarket.