Baby Phat is set to launch a makeup line.

The fashion label - created by former model Kimora Lee Simmons - has joined forces with HatchBeauty Brands to bring the collection to stores, featuring Kimora's two daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.

Kimora, 45, said: ''The girls grew up on the runway. It's teaching them to tap into their inner entrepreneur, inner creative director, teaching them the ins and outs of the business, which is also very important to me.''

Ming Lee, 18, added: ''We are excited to dive into the beauty space with a unique multigenerational perspective.''

The first collection will launch with three different versions of a three-piece kit - each designed to represent the three women: Divine for Kimora, Opulence for Ming and Ethereal for Aoki - featuring a lip gloss, a body lotion and shimmery scented body spray.

Kimora told People magazine: ''Ming's is Opulence. Ming is very similar to me, she gets the love of fashion, beauty and self-expression. The smell is also super yummy. It's peachy and has orchid with the caramel,'' she says. ''Aoki's is called Ethereal. Hers is more about a free-spirited attitude, being independent, a pursuit of knowledge. It's kind of an uplifting decoration of independence. It's like I am woman, hear me roar.''

And Aoki, 21, hopes the new line will help better represent their heritage to help other makeup lovers of different cultures feel accepted in the beauty industry.

She explained: ''Brands represent more than just products in today's world, and it's important for us to continue to be part of cultural and beauty conversations as we forge a new path for girls who look like us.''

A portion of the kit's sales will be donated to Fair Fight, an organization that promotes fair elections and educates on election reform and voter suppression.

Kimora rose to fame at just 13 years old when she signed a modelling contract with Chanel, and helped inspire designer Karl Lagerfeld's creative vision and call for racial inclusion.