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King Creosote
Bombshell Album Review

King Creosote Bombshell Album

Do you hear the words 'country' and 'folk' and impulsively emit a slight groan of 'urgh'. Do you think Tammy Wynette, cowboy hats and hippies with poor personal hygiene? A bit behind with the times perhaps, in these days of electro-clash and neon?
Well, think again, because 'Bombshell', the new album from King Creosote aka. Kenny Anderson, shows the artist to be far from a country bumpkin, but an original artist who has tapped into the classic whimsy and poetry of country and made it his own.
On 'Bombshell' rich accordions merge with an up tempo bluegrass style, rough guitar riffs and elegantly poetical lyrics, creating a sound that is highly sophisticated and contemporary.
The sweet simplicity of Anderson's verses are exemplified on the pleasantly sugary 'Cowardly Custard', but kept far from sickly territory with stylishly dexterous word play, as heard on the stand-out single 'You've No Clue Do You'. A complex exploration of emotions in the album's opener and closer tracks, 'Leslie' and 'And The Racket They Made' respectively, also book end the rest of the album nicely, unashamedly reaffirming the highly personal nature of Anderson's songwriting.
Moving, whimsical and arrestingly beautiful, 'Bombshell' is a triumph of both style and substance: All hail King Creosote.

Ellie Gurney

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