Kings Of Leon bass player Jared Followill got air rage when somebody put their bag above his plane seat.

The rock star expects fellow passengers to store their hand luggage above their own allocated seats because it's the correct mid-air etiquette.

However, someone didn't adhere to Jared's set rules for air travel and so the musician took to his Twitter account to vent his anger.

He tweeted: ''Hey. People on planes. Put your bag above your own seat. Nobody else's. Not mine. Ever. You stupid idiot. Quit being an idiot. (sic)''

It seems Jared is using the social networking site to get things off his chest.

The bassist also took to Twitter to criticise women who like men just because they're famous.

He recently tweeted: ''If a piece of poop had arms and legs and was at all famous, there would be girls commenting how hot he was on every Instagram pic. (sic)''

Kings of Leon have recently had to cancel a string of shows on their 'Mechanical Bull Tour' in the wake of drummer Nathan Followill breaking his ribs in a tour bus accident.