Kirsten Dunst hopes having children is ''easy'' for her.

The 33-year-old actress - who is in a relationship with her 'On the Road' co-star Garrett Hedlund - worries more about her health than her career.

She said: ''I think about having children. I hope that's easy for me. That's the stuff I worry about.

''Health. Am I dying? I'm like a Jewish mother.''

Kirsten enjoys her low-key life in Toulca Lake, Los Angeles and claims it is so relaxed that she can go out in her pyjamas without attracting attention.

She said: ''We're not in West Hollywood where everyone is on their frickin' cellphone taking pictures.

''Everyone in the Valley is normal style. It's not super-cool here. I usually wear my pyjamas and no one cares.''

The 'Fargo' actress particularly likes where she lives because it is so close to the important people in her life.

She explained to Stylist magazine: ''My mom lives in there, I live in there, my best friend lives over there.

''It's easy here and I'm like a little old lady. I walk to everything. There's my favourite sushi place, a bar with great hamburgers. We need a good restaurant though.''