Kirsten Dunst “would never say no” to returning to Spider-Man.

The 39-year-old actress - who played Mary-Jane Watson opposite Tobey Maguire, 46, as Peter Parker in three movies - would jump at the opportunity to reprise the role for a fourth time, after playing her in Sam Rami's 'Spider-Man', 'Spider-Man 2' and 'Spider-Man 3', and thinks it would be "fun" to return to the character.

She told Variety: "I would do it. Why not? That would be fun.

“I would never say no to something like that.”

But Kirsten joked things would be different for her character now as so much time has passed since 2007's 'Spider-Man 3'.

She quipped: “I’d be an old MJ at this point with little Spidey babies.”

Recently, Kirsten has lamented about being a child star after she became a mother herself, which included being signed to Ford Model Management and foraying into acting with movies such as Jumanji.

The 'Power of the Dog' star - who has Ennis, three, and James, six months, with fiance Jesse Plemons - said: “I was like, ‘How could you do this to us? Who puts their children in … you know, whatever.’ But when you have a cute kid and everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, you should take them in to do little kid modelling,’ I get it. It’s fun.”

However, she mused that she “clearly enjoyed it” as it it's still her chosen career.

The ‘Melancholia’ star said: "It’s a snowball effect. And I clearly enjoyed it. And I’m still doing it. I love doing it."

Rumours have circulated about previous stars from the Spider-Man franchise making cameos in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ - which is touted for a December 17 release date - however Kirsten has denied that she’ll be making an appearance in the movie.