Kiss star Gene Simmons has blamed internet downloads for destroying the music industry - insisting there will never be any more legendary bands like THE Beatles. The 58-year-old rocker is convinced illegal downloading has forced record labels to conform to a new way of working that will eventually put them all out of business. Simmons, who is known for his entrepreneurial skills, insists there is now less opportunity for talented new bands to find recognition because the internet is swamped with wannabes. He says, "The very same people that love the music the most have slit its throat and they're surprised it's dying. 'How come my new band can't get a shot?' 'Because you killed it, bitch.' "Every day college kids who probably love music more than anybody are the same people slashing the record industry's throat by file sharing and downloading. It's the saddest thing for new bands. Doesn't affect me or Kiss. We can continue to play stadiums and do very well, and we release DVDs. "But there isn't a chance for a new band to become the next Beatles or Kiss because there isn't the infrastructure to do it."