Through six seasons to-date, 'Game of Thrones' has managed to shock viewers with every twist and turn. Based on the currently incomplete George R R Martin novel series 'A Song of Ice & Fire', the show has proven that you don't need to keep who viewers think may be your main characters safe in order for your show to be a success. In fact, killing them off comes as second nature in 'Game of Thrones', keeping everybody at home on their toes.

Kit Harington makes his return as Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'Kit Harington makes his return as Jon Snow in 'Game of Thrones'

In just a few days, the series' seventh season will finally make its debut, a little later in the year than usual and made up of just seven episodes, as opposed to the usual 10 that made up seasons 1-6. 

Those seven episodes will serve to answer many questions that fans have had for some time, including exactly when fan-favourite character Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will discover the truth about his parentage, and whether or not he'll meet who we now know is his aunt, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Of course, tasks are never easy in the world of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, and there's a lot more for Jon to get through before he can even consider living out what could be a relatively 'normal' life, or as 'normal' as anybody in his position could have.

"I don’t think [Jon] thinks anyone is ready for the battle that lies ahead. I think that’s his major problem. He knows that there’s this massive army amassing north of The Wall and that’s his main priority. I think he knows this world is very, very unready and un-united and that’s his major task going forward this season," Harington explained in a chat with Variety.

He added of future episodes: "I’d love to work with Emilia [Clarke]. I’d love our characters to meet. I’m sure they will, but it awaits to be seen what kind of relationship that will be. Whether they’ll fight, whether they’ll get together, or become an alliance or not an alliance. That’s going to be an interesting thing when that happens."

That meeting is something that the show has seemingly been teasing for a while now, and would surely get people talking. It may have even been prematurely revealed a little earlier this month, when somebody who worked on the show teased the scene of the characters first meeting.

What's more interesting however are Harington's comments on not many of the characters involved in the show being prepared for the war that's to come, against some of the realm's most dangerous figures in the White Walkers. Seeing whether or not they're able to be defeated and if Jon will be able to convince anybody to join his side in the upcoming fight is going to be extremely exciting, but we imagine that's going to take up a big chunk of what happens in the show's upcoming season.

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'Game of Thrones' season 7 debuts on July 16 on HBO in the US, before premiering in the UK on Sky Atlantic on July 17.