If Jon Snow returns to 'Game Of Thrones' alive and well, it will just be the cherry on top of this delightful cake. If anything, because we'll get to see more romance between him and Ygritte which will be all the more satisfying now that we know the actors (Kit Harington and Rose Leslie) are together in real life too.

Rose Leslie and Kit HaringtonRose Leslie and Kit Harington prove their love

His character's mortality remained ambiguous during his recent appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', despite taking a lie detector test to answer some important questions. But one thing remained blindingly clear: his love for co-star and onscreen lover Rose Leslie.

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'I fell in love in Iceland', Harington told the presenter. 'I fell in love with my co-star.' This prompted Ross to tease him with the response of 'she could do so much better'. Plus, they were seen together on the red carpet of the Olivier Awards on Sunday (April 3rd 2016) which marked their first public appearance. It confirmed the rumours that arose in January when they were seen shopping together (and kissing) in LA.

It also appears that Leslie may also be serious enough to help him work on his home interior. 'I have a friend who helps me design it and I never listen to her', he shared. 'I should because my sense of style is atrocious.'

'Game Of Thrones' returns on April 24th 2016, but Harington insists that he only appears in the new season as a corpse and doesn't actually come back to life despite speculation to the contrary.

Hmm, we'll see about that! Of course, he'll be thrilled by the time the series is over as he'll no longer have to cope with endless questions from fans about the plot of the show, fans who have apparently included the likes of the Duchess of Cornwall.