The Game of Thrones star used to get around using public transport, but he was left cringing every time he saw his face plastered on the side.

"I used to love to catch the bus," he tells "I couldn't catch them for months because of the fear that I might be sitting above my own head on the side of the bus. Occupational hazard, isn't it?"

The actor previously revealed bus posters for Game of Thrones caused chaos when he was trying to shoot his spy movie Spooks: The Greater Good in London earlier this year (15).

His Spooks co-star Peter Firth told U.K. TV show Good Morning Britain, "We were shooting on Waterloo Bridge last week and every other bus that went past had his face on the side so we had to keep cutting, of course."

Harington added, "You just hear 'cut', you know, in the middle of a really good scene... (I ask) 'What have we (done)?', 'It's your face in the background, mate'. Yeah, (it's) not great."