Review of Compilation 9 Album by Kitsune

The ice cream pastels embellishing the front cover scream 'summer is here!' And, I'll agree, as the weather brightens up, it's pretty hard to quell that burning sense of optimism in one's gut.

Kitsune Compilation 9 Album

The archly popular French tastemakers are back once again and approaching double figures. Since their emergence in 2001, Kitsuné have become a cultural zeitgeist for the discerning dance music fan. So 'Neuf', or whatever ze French are calling it, is business as usual for us listeners, there are 8 existing suggestions of what to expect.

As with every edition, there's a slightly different nuance behind this one. The title of 9 is The Petit Bateau Edition or - The Cotton Issue. It's fluffy, it's throwaway, it's packed to bursting with sunny, candy floss electropop.

The standout tracks include the slippery dance floor twister from Logo, 'La Vie Moderne,' the remix of Hurts' 'Wonderful Life,' or, if you fancy something so plain-faced cheesy it's ridiculous, try listening to 'Supermenz (We're Not)' by Yusek and trying not to smile. It's unapologetically eurotrash, but then those folk always have much more fun, don't they?

So stick it on when the sun is shining and just go with it. The Cotton Issue is sickly sweet, and may have a couple of misfires, but it's all in the name of a good time.

Natalie Kaye

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