Review of Maison Compilation 11 Album by Kitsune

For those familiar with much-adorned French record label and high-fashion specialists Kitsune an introduction is barely necessary. Bar a very rare occasional curve-ball the label's output is perfectly representative of a collaborative group who no doubt have wet dreams about putting out Phoenix's next album, and who have cemented a reputation of putting out wave-after-wave of irritatingly catchy, yet ultimately soulless electro-indie.

Kitsune Maison Compilation 11 Album

However, despite remaining at the cutting edge of the marriage between airy synths and guitar since its interception in 2002, on 'Kitsune Maison Compilation 11' the label's output is beginning to sound slightly dated, and more than a little repetitive. Sure, there are the usual scores of enjoyable hooks across the sixteen-strong offering, but each one is expected and can be traced back easily to artists that have graced the label previously.

Alexander Dexter Jones' 'Phantastic Phone Call' brings back memories of already-shunned blog-darlings Black Kids with its mid-tempo electronics and its reverb-soaked sighed assonance. It is also as bereft of ideas as the Jacksonville, Florida quintet's recorded output. The verse's endless repetitions of 'Ooh-ooh' drags the song out much further than it needs to be, which is concerning for a track that doesn't even hit the four minute mark.

The contributions of Is Tropical and Cosmonaut could easily be part of 'The Sound of 2009' as it was predicted in 2008, all snapping cymbal rides and disinterested vocals that float slightly too low in the mix. Later, Exotica's 'Conte d'Ete' stands out from preceding tracks briefly with its pacey seventies funk but it keeps with the tradition of 'style over substance'.

Beat Connection provide a peak with the kicked-back Balearic vibe of 'Silver Screen' but in the compilation's surroundings it floats by. There is very little within 'Kitsune Maison Compilation 11' to inspire, and whilst the intention of it may be to do no more than provide a suitable background to some knowingly-stylish discotheque or uber-exclusive fashion show the compilation barely even manages this.


Jordan Dowling

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