Kitsune Announces New 'Maison 15' Compilation Out October 21st 2013 Plus Free Minimix Download

Kitsune Announces New 'Maison 15' Compilation Out October 21st 2013 Plus Free Minimix Download

The legendary Kitsun' Maison series reaches it's 15th stunning edition and is jam-packed with new rising stars, irresistible melodies and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. This is a special collector's item compilation, something to be cherished and sought after.

Having launched the careers of countless critically acclaimed acts over the years, from Two Door Cinema Club, to Is Tropical and Citizens!, Kitsun' has found it's balance as modern music's eclectic, reigning label.

The cutting edge Parisian imprint has always espoused originality and quality, constantly reinventing itself and staying ahead of the pack. Maison 15 firmly cements Kitsun''s taste-maker reputation by embracing an exciting vision of pop music in its ever-changing form and delivers a solid collection of songs featuring hotly tipped artists like Portland, Years & Years, Jonny Pierce, Techniques, The Swiss, Chela and more.

And that's not all, the famous Maison artwork depicting caricatures of Kitsun''s artists & friends is getting a new make over for its 15th edition.

01 Antimatter People - Only Ark
Psychedelic trip-pop kick starts Kitsun' Maison 15. 'Only Ark' pays homage tp Franz Schubert's 'Trio in E Flat', immortalised in cult Bowie/Deneuve vampire flick 'The Hunger'.

02 Go Wolf - Voices
'Voices' expresses a similar juvenile pop touch, which effortlessly hits the target. California's dreaming without overdoing it.

03 Jake Bullit - Moonshine
Four boys from Birmingham, UK, fuse indie-pop heritage and clubbing infatuation. Hypnotic and raw 'Moonshine' is electrock that funks too.

04 Jonny Pierce - Home
Having temporarily defected his band The Drums, singer/songwriter Jonny Pierce is one of those indie Gods bringing tormented sensibility to guitar-based music. His forthcoming solo album will see him exploring more electronic landscapes.

05 Chela - Romanticise
Mixing rap, rock and pop Chela, from Melbourne, has all to conquer teenagers' hearts all around the world. This urban soulstress' words have the weight of truth and are delivered with priceless conviction.

06 Horixon - Lifeline (feat Robert Owens)
At the core of dancefloor mechanics, house - like disco - remains unavoidable and as such will always be close to Kitsun''s heart. Horixon have debauched one of its veterans, ex-Fingers, Inc.'s Robert Owens who decades on's still spreading the word with 'Tears' in his voice.

07 Portland - Deezy Daisy (Oliver Nelson remix)
Poptastic, charming and damn catchy, 'Deezy Daisy' is a winner. What would the world be like without tunes to sing under the shower and whistle on the way to the bus stop?

08 The Swiss - Kiss to Kiss (Amtrac remix)
From school gigs to touring the world, Australia's funksters The Swiss have built a precious musicianship. In the hands of the US' Amtrac, 'Kiss to Kiss' becomes a relentless and jackin' groover completed by a siren's sensual wails

09 Techniques - Switch (Adelaide remix)
Solemn and magnificent like all worthy New Order inheritors, Techniques AKA Mancunian James Mulholland gets remixed in sober yet poignant fashion by new Bristol's production Adelaide.

10 Years & Years - Traps
Enchanting troubadours of the modern age, Years & Years rhyme magic with heroic. Exceptional melodies and a mesmerizing vocalist too.

11 Nonono - Scared
Fancy some loungey soul splashed with Swedish pop syrup? Catchy choruses experts - as Scandinavians do so well - Nonono are production duo Astma & Rocwell and sultry singer Stina Wappling, psychiatric nurse by day - a surprising balance that works.

12 Dillon Cooper - State Of Elevation
Another viral success story. Not that you would guess on coming across this Eminem fan's flow, 20 year old rapper Dillon Cooper, born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is also a trained guitarist/pianist.

13 Denitia & Sene - Casanova
These two only follow the rules they've set for themselves, compromising nothing that might contradict their signature panache. Their 'Casanova' is a sweet, sweet ballad which dreams of the stars.

14 David Harks - Sirens
Although bluesy and soulful 'Sirens' cuts across musical landscapes. This Brit sure captures a charmed sense of spirit and elation in his songs. Home studios never sounded so warm.

15 Kilo Kish - Goldmine
NY-based multi-tasker Lakisha Robinson is not only a textile designer and visual artist, she also sings and writes. Vibey and intimate 'Goldmine' - produced by Starslinger - is ideal to skate to and fall in love during the Indian Summer.

BONUS The Wytches - Summer Again
A folky acoustic tune from Brighton's The Wytches to finish this new Kitsun' Maison compilation and send the kids to sleep. or maybe not, as vocalist/guitarist Kristian Bell's demonic delivery takes an exalted turn and cast a spell of lyricism over this Maison's vibrant selection.