Review of Gravity's Rainbow Single by Klaxons


Klaxons Gravity's Rainbow Single

Gravity's Rainbow
Single Review

You may have noticed this ‘new rave’ genre springing from the pages of NME recently. It’s a chance for a non-drug induced wide-eyed generation of ‘Vody’ drinking Skins watchers to call things ‘MDMA-zing’ and get into dance music without being labelled a ‘chav’. Some of the bands are proper top though. Shit Disco, The Sunshine Underground and also Klaxons for example.

This is a bit more of a mediocre affair by the London pioneers of cyber rock (I invented that pigeon hole myself). It doesn’t have the hands in the air quality of Atlantis to Interzone, the disco thump of The Bouncer, or the melody of classic rave re-working It’s not Over Yet. What is perhaps even more distressing, particularly if you happen to be a bearded snobby muso, is that this is a re-release. But every cloud has a silver lining apparently, and the accompanying b-side to this re-release, another rather splendid remix by Soulwax, may just get you high enough to witness said proverb first hand.

Stephen Vigors

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