Basketball ace Kobe Bryant is enjoying a second honeymoon of sorts, after surprising his wife VANESSA with a re-commitment ceremony in Orange County, California.

US TV show EXTRA! reports that LOS ANGELES LAKERS star Bryant spent approximately $50,000 (GBP26,315) on the ceremony, which was held on Thursday (21APR05) in Laguna Beach - and featured just the couple as guests.

Bryant had a huge hexagon shaped deck built in the sand for both of them to stand on during the ceremony, with the decor modelled after the sportsman's favourite restaurant - Ashton Kutcher's eatery Dolce.

The couple, who celebrated four years of marriage on Monday (18APR05), dined on chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus, before sharing a cake from their favourite bakery.

Bryant recently spent 14 months fighting for his innocence after he was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage clerk in a Colorado hotel room in 2003. He maintained the sex was consensual and prosecutors eventually dismissed the charges.

23/04/2005 01:40