The Colorado teen who brought sexual assault charges against basketball star Kobe Bryant told friends she was out to bed rapper Eminem.

KATELYN FABER, who dropped charges against Bryant on 1 September (04) after refusing to testify at the rape trial, plotted to lure Eminem into bed, according to one of her old pals.

Ex-friend LAIE WEATHERWAX admits she never believed Faber was the victim of a rape attack, because the blonde had a longtime plan to trick a celebrity into bed - and then force him to pay up.

In an exclusive interview with America's the GLOBE, Weatherwax, who had agreed to testify for the defence before the case was dismissed, says, "Kobe's a good looking guy and he has a fat wallet.

"In my opinion, at least 98 per cent of her (Faber) attraction to him was simply because he's famous. She's always wanted to be famous.

"My friend and I liked Eminem, but Katelyn took it to the extreme. She was obsessed with him and felt compelled to go meet him to try for sex."

Weatherwax claims Faber even plotted to lure Eminem to bed when he was scheduled to play a New Year's Eve show in Vail, Colorado - months after the Kobe Bryant scandal exploded.

She adds, "She called a friend at his (Eminem) hotel, found out what room he was in and where he'd sing. There was a plan to lure him into his room, the pool or hot tub, to be in position to score."

Weatherwax also claims her old pal once had sex with one boy because he looked like Justin Timberlake.

Faber's attorney LIN WOOD insists Weatherwax is just "a troubled lady who's been seeking her 15 minutes of fame".

09/09/2004 02:44