Review of Blood of a Dove Single by Kong

Review of 'Blood of a Dove' single by Kong.

Kong Blood of a Dove Single

There's a type of press release that one could describe as an anti press release. Full of lies, half truths and comments about music journalists, one is never sure whether a) The band cares about reviews, b) the band does care about reviews, and is actually trying to associate themselves with some sort of inner self loathing that music journalists may feel for themselves, or c) none of the above..

The press release for Kong's BOAD release falls firmly into this category. It's relevance and humour is however rather pointless, since whatever it may say, it is overshadowed by the awesome noise that is Kong themselves. For let us not forget that this is what it is all about. Listening. Elvis Costello said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. So what does Kong sound like?

Avant-garde noise core? A curious mix of Shellac and Fudge Tunnel? Yes. Both. And let us not forget that anything that even approaches the majesty of Fudge Tunnel can be deemed to be fucking amazing. So there we have it. Majestic noise.

Rich Edge

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